CompetitionFirst Division League (A) - First Round
PitchFujairah Club / Fujairah StadiumDate and Time09/12/2010 16:35

Al Shaab

Final Result3 - 1


Starting Players
khaled mohamed saqr mohamed al ali 45'
Ahmed Sulaiman Ali Obaid Aldhanhani 78'
Substituted Players
Mohammed Ahmed Ahmed Mosabbah Aldhanhani 74'
Najem Mohammed Ahmed Bin Yousef Alshehhi 81'
Saleh Mohammed Obaid Khameis Alqahoumy Alzeyoudi
Technical and Administrative and Medical staff
RefereeFahad Abdulla Ahmed Alkassar Alhammadi1st Assistant RefereeZayed Dawood Salman Kamal
2nd Assistant RefereeMasoud Hassan Esmaeel Blook FardFourth RefereeAdel Ali Ahmed Khamis Al Naqbi
Referees AssessorBader Ahmed Ali Albadri Alnuami

Season2018/2019 Competition 
Round Group 
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